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Fat Carvings


The fat carving is created using a special fat that will last several months and can be of any design and indeed size.
Fat Carvings are only limited by ones imagination. They can be made to cover any required theme or to match the style of food at the celebration. For example the ‘Geisha Girl,’ if Sushi is to be the served.
The base can be made of any hard strong material such as wood, marble, glass or metal and to any required colour. The carving will always be in the colour of the fat (White). It can also be made to a desired size to accommodate a small selection of foods. Unlike ice the fat will not melt.
The carving will be delivered to your venue and set up as the centre piece of your buffet or sit down meal. If you are unable to take it home due to size we will deliver it to your residence if local, at no extra cost.
We will photograph your carving so you will have a lasting memory.

Fat Carving
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